Postmodern Childbirth offers exceptional birth doula and postpartum doula support in New York City (Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and The Bronx), northern New Jersey, and the greater metro NYC area. 

Confidentiality, discretion, and nonjudgmental unconditional support are guaranteed. 

We are pleased to partner with FABS house (Family & Birth Support) to provide the best possible service to our labor/birth doula clients. By working as a team, each client benefits from twice the expertise. Both doulas will join your consultation and prenatal visit, and provide ongoing support throughout the remainder of your pregnancy from the date of hire. Clients feel confident knowing that either doula will be present for their baby’s birth, and able to provide the intimate, exceptional support she expects.

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Rachel Goldstein is a postpartum doula and birth doula, supporting women in pregnancy and childbirth, and through the newborn stage. Her passion for assisting women and their families during this pivotal time developed when she was first pregnant and researching everything possible about pregnancy, birth, and maternity care. Rachel is noted for her deeply calm nature and the good humor she brings to any situation. She also enjoys yoga, running, traveling, cooking, learning about animal welfare, photography, essential oils, live music, and dancing. Originally Midwesterners, Rachel lives in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York with her husband and two spirited sons. (photo by:

Click here for my DoulaMatch profile! Click here to read the story of my first son’s birth! More about me here!

I completed a VBAC doula training and a Spinning Babies workshop. I’m also a member of the Metropolitan Doula Group.


 Irina Simidchieva is the founder of FABS house. She is a birth professional and member of Childbirth International as both a Certified Labor Doula (CLD) and Childbirth Educator CCE Dip CBE(CBI), and a member of the Metropolitan Doula Group. She was born and raised in Eastern Europe and has a BA in Fine Arts and Art Pedagogy. Having worked in painting and visual arts for many years, she gradually discovered commonalities between art, philosophy, psychology, and social work. She has an MSW (Master of Social Work) degree with a specialization in Artistic Psycho-Social Practices and Psychodrama, also trained as a mediator and facilitator in group work. Her MSW program also focused on: Art and Social Work and Practice; Counseling and Consulting in the Social Field through Artistic Means; Major in Psychology and Psychoanalysis.

You can find more about Irina here.