After the birth of my first daughter, I struggled emotionally. It was rough. I was open to trying anything to avoid the same experience when I was getting ready to have my second baby. I heard about placenta encapsulation and was extremely skeptical of it, but figured it was worth a shot. And I couldn’t believe it, the difference was truly incredible. I would do it again just because I felt SO much better the second time around! I am so glad I did it.  —Jennifer Sun, MD




More women are turning to placenta encapsulation to help with the physical and emotional recovery of the postpartum period. Anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that this can be a significant tool of support when healing from childbirth. Encapsulating your placenta allows you to enjoy the benefits over time in convenient capsule form.

According to this study, “96 percent of the women said they had a ‘positive’ or ‘very positive’ experience consuming their placenta, and 98 percent said they would do it again.”

We follow the method of Traditional Chinese Medicine (steaming and dehydrating), and the highest current standards of safety during the encapsulating process. Encapsulation in your home means that your placenta never leaves your possession and you can witness first-hand the care, attention, and respect of our process in the comfort and privacy of your home.

The potential benefits of placenta consumption may include:

  • improved mood
  • re-balancing your system after childbirth
  • healing with your own natural hormones
  • replenishing iron levels
  • increasing energy postpartum
  • increasing lactation
  • lessening postpartum bleeding
  • reducing feeling of the “baby blues”

Placenta encapsulation includes:

  • a packing kit for your birthing place which includes a cooler, a spill kit, and complete handling instructions
  • encapsulation in the safety of your home (two consecutive days, about 2 hours/visit)
  • individually handmade placenta capsules (exact amount varies)
  • cord keepsake
  • a clean kitchen each day when your postpartum placenta specialist (PPS) leaves
  • postpartum visit by your PPS (at time of service), available to answer questions, explain the process, and check in on you during your recovery
  • suggested consumption guidelines and follow-up by your PPS
  • option to add tincture, healing salve, and basic placenta print ($37 – $57 each)

$325 placenta encapsulation Last minute queries welcome!

reserve both placenta encapsulation and belly binding (one session) for $375


Questions? Check out FAQ: placenta edition!


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