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Why not experience a smooth and peaceful transition to parenthood? Round out your team with doula support to ensure you and your family get the best care during this unique time.

Postmodern Childbirth offers exceptional care to growing families. Whether you are seeking a birth doula, postpartum support and infant care, childbirth education, consulting, or lactation support, you’ll receive personalized care tailored just for you.

Taking a select number of clients at a time means we can provide the high level of service you expect. This intimate experience is about you—so the services we provide take a different shape for each person. You’re busy and expect only the best, and this special time in your life is no different.

We focus on you and creating a secluded cocoon for your family through this transition. Deep expertise informs our service, while bringing a fresh approach to birth and postpartum education and support. What was best for your loved ones is not necessarily what will work for you— and we work together to figure out what that best support will be. Staying nimble in our approach to each client brings immeasurable benefits, and you’ll feel confident and cared for as you become a parent.

Postmodern Childbirth offers birth doula and newborn support services in Providence, Rhode Island and surrounding areas.

Confidentiality, discretion, and nonjudgmental compassionate support are guaranteed. 

Please contact us for more information and to schedule a consultation.

I help urban professionals rock pregnancy, birth, and the newborn phase. The biggest change in your life can be joyful and smooth with the right team in place.

Rachel Goldstein is a doula and educator, supporting families in pregnancy, childbirth, and through the newborn stage. Her passion for assisting people during this pivotal time developed when she was first pregnant and researching everything about pregnancy and beyond. Known for her deeply calm nature and the good humor she brings to any situation, she is fully committed to serving clients in the capacity that best fits their unique needs. She enjoys yoga, traveling, cooking, photography, live music, and dancing. Originally Midwesterners, Rachel lives in Providence, Rhode Island with her husband and two spirited sons.

Click here to read the story of Rachel’s first son’s birth.

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