Quick, you have 5 spare minutes, what do you choose?

Greetings, I'm your new demanding unpredictable boss. And I'm adorable!

Another “life with new baby” observation. Suddenly you have these little windows of time to do something other than care for the baby, usually when the baby is napping or someone else is able to hold the baby for a bit. People say “sleep when the baby sleeps” and while this is an awesome suggestion, sometimes you may be tempted to do something else. Like eat. Or tend to some basic hygiene. Or really go crazy and check email.

While on maternity leave, my choices have varied from day to day. Yesterday I took a nap. Today I choose shower (and the neighborhood rejoiced). Crap, I think I hear the baby….

What would you choose today? How did you tend to spend those little pockets of time during the newborn phase?

2 thoughts on “Quick, you have 5 spare minutes, what do you choose?

  1. It depends! I voted email/internet. In the very beginning, I would sleep at times, but I am just not a napper and found it frustrating that I couldn’t sleep. I much more craved social interaction. So I spent my free time emailing friends, talking on message boards with my girls and checking out FB. I found I was a lot less tired with my second baby than my first (though, my first went to preschool when I had my daughter; I”m sure I would have been beat if he were home with me and a newborn). Oh, I also liked watching Sex & the City on repeat on DVD. Ha. 🙂

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