Childbirth Classes for Busy New Yorkers

We took [private] childbirth education with Rachel and it was a great experience. She took the time to get to know us, provided us with useful materials, and made us both much more confident about labor and delivery. Rachel clearly respected our choices and never made us feel like we should conform to her ideas of an ideal birth. She is warm and has a good sense of humor, which made our time together that much more enjoyable. —Petra

Postmodern Childbirth offers private childbirth, pregnancy, and postpartum consulting and small group classes tailored to your unique questions, concerns, and curiosities. Let’s see what you need to head into birth and parenting confident and ready.

We are pleased to offer the Your Birth Experience (YBE) curriculum, which focuses on YOU. As YBE creator Missy David says:

[M]ost importantly, this is YOUR birth, YOUR baby, and YOUR experience. There are few moments in life that are seared into our memories like birth, and my job is to ensure that your experience is a positive one, regardless of whether or not things go as planned. 

Classes include understanding the birth process and your options, coping strategies, and communicating your preferences. We are inclusive of all birth locations and preferences. Prices include the birthing parent and one partner or support person.

Private Classes

Schedule a class at your convenience and enjoy the option to focus on your big questions in the comfort of your own home. This 4-5 hour class can take place over 1 or 2 meetings, with the option of follow up calls for additional questions. $547

Small Group Classes

Meet other parents-to-be in your area for one 4 hour session, and a one-on-one follow up call with your instructor. Host a class in your home for a discounted rate (2 – 5 couples). $327

Personal Consult

This is an excellent option if you’re:

  • planning to become pregnant and curious about options for prenatal care, birth, and beyond
  • newly pregnant and want to learn more about next steps for the coming 9 months
  • preparing for a homebirth
  • planning a cesarean birth and want to be a part of creating that experience
  • wanting to focus more specifically on certain questions such as labor coping strategies, baby feeding (breast or bottle), newborn care, VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), multiples, planning for postpartum/maternity leave, postpartum meal planning, strategizing your “going back to work” plans, getting ready for single parenting, or another topic of your choice
  • in need of postpartum newborn care 101 and survival strategies for the “fourth trimester”
  • planning a mother blessing gathering
  • want to focus on labor-coping strategies and drafting a birth plan (includes YBE Parent Guide)
  • a second (or third, or fourth….) time parent who would like a refresher (includes YBE Parent Guide)
  • interested in creating a birth plan (includes YBE Parent Guide)

This option includes a two hour consult, personalized resources, and 30 minute preparation and follow up calls. $187 (in person)

Parent Guide

You’ll receive a Your Birth Experience Parents Guide (100 pages) to review on your own. This can be upgraded toward a class or consultation. All birth doula clients and private and small group class clients receive a copy of this guide. $37 (includes postage)

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Your Birth Experience?
  2. Do I really need a Birth Plan?
  3. Envisioning Your Birth
  4. Understanding the Birth Process
  5. Preparing for Your Birth Experience
  6. Understanding Your Options
  7. Appendix and Resources
  8. Communicating Your Preferences

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