You’ve got your amazing self, your support person or partner, and a great midwife or obstetrician. Who can round out your birth team to ensure you have the best support possible? An exceptional doula, of course!

Whether you’re planning a birth at home, birth center, or hospital; on land or in water; with an epidural or without; to one baby or more; vaginally or via cesarean section—we will be there and fully support your wishes. We help you navigate the process and any unexpected bumps with confidence.

Working together includes:

  • in-depth prenatal visit to clarify your birth preferences and how we can best work together (includes your partner or other support person, if applicable)
  • Your Birth Experience Prenatal Companion Guide
  • ongoing support via email, text, and phone, consulting on any issue necessary
  • 24/7 on-call support from 37 weeks on
  • uninterrupted support at the labor and birth*, until about one hour afterward
  • postnatal visit, follow up, and additional resources as needed

Contact us with any questions or to set up a consultation. Birth doula services start at $1850. We look forward to speaking with you!

March 2020: We’re working with current and future clients to adapt our services considering changing hospital policies on labor companions and honoring “social distancing” recommendations. Please reach out for more information, and this site will be updated when possible!

The doula sees the big picture. The nuances of everyone in the room. She's a camera with a wide angle lens. A partner sees what's in front of them. They see only their partner. He%2Fshe is a camera with a portr (1)

*base fee includes 14 hours of in-person labor support; additional support is $39/hour

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