A postpartum doula will be your doting sister or mother-figure, without the baggage, without the opinions, without any expectation of being entertained. She will anticipate your needs, taking care of everything, so you are able to recover from birth (or adoption) and get to know your baby. Beyond a ‘baby nurse’, she is trained in both supporting the new parent and newborn care, ready to tackle your every need. She makes helpful suggestions with no stake in what you end up deciding to do. The first few months with a new baby are a very tender time, the biggest life change you will experience. Let a postpartum doula gently support and guide your family as you discover what works best for you.

The role of a postpartum doula is flexible depending on your needs, but the focus is on supporting the new parent(s) during the first 3 months with a new baby (also known as the “fourth trimester”)—allowing you to focus on your recovery, adjustment, and getting to know your baby. Set aside all other concerns so you can bond with your baby, learn each other’s patterns, and adapt to the new normal. A postpartum doula will also help you figure out your parenting style, so you feel more confident as you step into parenthood or a bigger family. Some families want help just that first week to learn the ropes, others prefer ongoing support over the first few months.

Services include: non-judgmental support with whatever is most needed, including: newborn care/feeding/soothing, breastfeeding support, support for birth recovery/rest, sibling care, meal prep and tidying, organizing the nursery, errands, laundry, and so forth.

  • $50/hour; minimum 12 hours contracted; shifts are a minimum of 10 hours for overnights and 3 hours for daytime. 
  • We also offer packages (for example, 500 hours to use over 3 months). We would be happy to discuss these options with you.

March 2020: We’re working with current and future clients to adapt our services considering changing hospital policies on labor companions and honoring “social distancing” recommendations. Please reach out for more information, and this site will be updated when possible!

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